Experiences - Beche SuitesNature Ecocamp
Experiences - Beche SuitesNature Ecocamp


In Beche, you will immerse yourself in unique experiences. From exploring the surrounding nature to tasting local wines, each moment becomes an opportunity to discover the authentic essence of the region.

Experiences - Beche SuitesNature Ecocamp

Route around the Abegondo forts

If you love history you can’t miss the castros, settlements that are more than 2,000 years old. In Beche you can enjoy wonderful nature and look for pieces of history at the same time. You can choose which of the three in Abegondo to visit: an hour’s walk from SuitesNature EcoCamp Beche is the one in Cerneda and a little further away the ones in Abegondo and Cos.

Trekking along the Mandeo route · Visit to Orballo

Our team explored the Mandeo-Orballo Eco-Hiking Route, an experience in the biosphere reserve that stands out for the ecological relevance of the Mandeo River. Along approximately 6 km, we enjoyed the quiet riverbank, arriving at the historic spa of Bocelo, known for its healing waters. The Zarzo bridge marks the halfway point of the route, and the return is on the opposite side, offering views of native plants and animals. Be careful! It is possible to encounter wolves, but they tend to flee in the presence of humans, guaranteeing a safe and fascinating experience. Activity sheet:
  • The start of the route is next to the Orballo tea plantations, about 35 minutes drive from the SuitsNature EcoCamp Beche  on the AC-542 road.
  • The route is circular and has an approximate length of 12,5km. From SuitsNature EcoCamp Beche it will take a total of 5 hours and 50 minutes.
  • The route lasts approximately 4 hours.
  • The technical difficulty is moderate. It is recommended to wear hiking shoes and comfortable clothes.
Experiences - Beche SuitesNature Ecocamp
Experiences - Beche SuitesNature Ecocamp

Ruta dos amilladoiros

In the municipality of Abegondo, where SuitesNature EcoCamp Beche is located, it is possible to enjoy a cultural and tourist itinerary on the Ruta dos Amilladoiros*. The route of this route coincides with an ancient Roman road, Roman Via XX, and is a part of the English Way. During the route you can admire the “amilladoiros”, heritage elements composed of stones deposited as a monument by pilgrims on their way to the Vilacova Chapel, the site of an ancient Roman pilgrimage called “das Cereixas”.

The route is 6.2 km long and runs entirely through the municipality of Abegondo; it starts in Leiro, passes through Vilacova and ends in Beche. You can contemplate meadows, churches and a pazo, as well as enjoy a surprising quietness, relax and at the same time marvel at a magical nature.

Hiking through Ruta dos Muíños - Betanzos

Among the many activities you can do in the middle of nature near the SuitesNature EcoCamp Beche are hiking trails. There are many possibilities to choose from depending on whether you want to enjoy the tranquillity of nature or also learn some history on the route.

Activity sheet:

  • The start of the route is at Paseo Galera, in Betanzos, less than 30 minutes by car from the SuitesNature EcoCamp Beche, 18 km along the AC-542 road.
  • The length of the route is 6 km and it is circular, so it starts and finishes at the same point.
  • The technical difficulty is moderate, designed for walking.
  • The total time on the move during the route is 1 hour and 40 minutes. Counting the transfers from the SuitesNature EcoCamp Beche and back, the route takes about 3 hours depending on how many breaks you want to take.
Experiences - Beche SuitesNature Ecocamp